Inspired by true stories.
Author Dawn C. Crouch.
"The Last Plague"
"Dead Children's Playground"
"Against The Wind"
"The Last Clone"

Welcome! I'm thrilled to share my journey with you. As a proud New Orleans native and former dancer with Houston Ballet, storytelling has become a pleasure and purpose.

Beyond my dance career, I've delved into the world of screenwriting, achieving recognition by placing in the top ten of action/adventure for the PAGE International Screenwriting Competition. Additionally, I've optioned two screenplays, authored three novels, and created Garage Ballet, a beloved series of nonfiction books detailing my experiences as a dancer and teacher.

My life took an unexpected turn during the chaotic aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. In the blink of an eye, my home and everything in it was swept away, forcing me to relocate to Huntsville, AL.

Here, I stumbled upon the eerie Dead Children's Playground, nestled between three towering cliff walls of an abandoned rock quarry and adjacent to Alabama's largest cemetery. This real-life location stirred my imagination and ignited my passion for weaving urban legends with historically accurate threads of the region and period.

Through my writing, I've realized that reality often surpasses the bounds of fiction. Life's unpredictability fuels my love for crafting stories inspired by true events, reminding us that life can change in an instant.